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Most of us have seen the popular 1960s-1980s television show “The Jetsons”, when you were a kid or if you have children of your own. Even if you weren’t alive back then maybe you have seen the show, or at least heard of it. If not let me tell you about “The Jetsons”. To sum it up “The Jetsons” were a fictional family that lived in a futuristic community set to be 2062, there were flying cars, drones, robot-maids, smart-houses, robot-dogs, and to beat it all the neighborhood was above ground. It was in the sky! How much more futuristic can you get? The neighborhood was perfect for them, it was all they could ever dream of. In addition, my perfect future neighborhood would consist of teleportation, smart-houses, and the most important factor…show more content…
Teleportation could be useful in many ways. For example, if you have elderly family members that cannot travel then teleportation would be extremely helpful. If you needed to get somewhere swiftly due to an emergency or forgetfulness, teleportation will have you there immediately. In addition, you could go to a good college far away from where you live that has a high over-night tuition, you wouldn’t have to pay the expensive tuition along with that you wouldn’t have to leave your home. In the morning all you have to do is get ready and get into the device and type in your destination and you will be there in a jiffy. How simple is that? Also, many kids have divorced parents and the parents live far apart so it is difficult for the child or the children to see and spend time with both parents. Teleportation would also help solve that problem, the child or children could just step in and one of the parents could type in the destination and the kids would be on there way to see the other parent. Teleportation would also help government officials communicate between countries and help clear any misunderstandings between the countries. Teleportation could solve a lot of the problems that we face…show more content…
In 2016, an estimated 1,685,210 new cases of cancer were diagnosed in the United States and of those 1,685,210 cases cancer brutally killed 595,690 of the people. Cancer has a major impact on society in the United States and across the world. Cancer leaves families torn, broken-hearted, and forever scared. Cancer is the worst disease known to man, and the worst part is, there is no known cure. With the discovery of a cure for cancer hundreds of thousands of people would get to live their life instead of losing the battle to cancer. I have had many personal experiences with cancer in my family, I recently lost my granny and great-granny to cancer. In addition, it not only hurts the person diagnosed but it hurts everyone who knows the person being diagnosed. With a cure for cancer my neighborhood of the future would be almost perfect. Cancer ruins many lives as it has mine, there is no way to change my life now, but we can help save others lives and futures by finding a cure for cancer in the near

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