The Jet Program Since The University Of California

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I have heard about the JET program since I first transferred to the University of California Riverside last school year of 2014-2015. Before UCR, I had a family friend who went to China for a year to assist in teaching English. She came back and shared her wonderful experience with me and even encouraged me to do the same. Therefore, this is initially how I became interested in the Assistant Language Teacher position with the JET Program. However, I had not considered it a possibility until about the winter of last year. As I was continuing to take elementary Japanese, I realized that I was eligible for the program after my graduation. I had started to take classes to learn Japanese just for fun when I first got to UCR, I have always enjoyed the challenge of learning a new language. I had taken French in high school, and since Spanish is my native language, I did not find it as challenging as I would have expected it to be. I took on the challenge of learning Japanese over Mandarin seeing a friend of mine was also learning the language. At first, I was just in the class to fill my e...

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