The Japanese Internment

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The Japanese internment was proposed and pushed through by men working off of false information. “On 10 December a Treasury agent reported to Army authorities that an estimated 20,000 Japanese in the San Francisco metropolitan area were ready for organized action"[1]. Many did not believe this lie however and it was initially put off because of its lack of acceptance. But the lie was being fueled by politicians and others who had an anti-Japanese agenda. The internees were labeled as “enemy aliens” and the reasons why varied. For some I was a fear that the Japanese were loyal to their country and were in the States as spies, or that they can be turned into spies. Others were competing businesses losing money and/or jobs to the Japanese manufacturing, and the rest were just racially ignorant. The internment was focused of the west coast of the States, simply because that is where most Japanese Americans lived a “census of 1940 showed that, out of a total of 126,947 in the continental United States, 112,353 were living in the three Pacific states.”[2] In order to coordinate and run this interment the Government set up an agency known as the WRA or “War Relocation Authority” they were responsible for setting up the internment camps, organizing them and relocating detainees. The forced relocation of nearly the entire Japanese population on the West Coast is a large job and takes coordination. They had tens of thousands of “suspects” they were ready to arrest and relocate however they had the issue of where to put them all. So while the WRA was building internment camps, the “suspects” were held in temporary locations. The people were given little time to prepare for the camp, some were lucky enough to get a weeks’ notice to be read... ... middle of paper ... ...em over the cheap labor offered by the Japanese. Laws were passed to keep people of Japanese descent from becoming citizens or becoming property owners. Their entire lives were modeled by anti-Japanese laws in the early 1900’s it got so bad that they could not even marry in the U.S. unless it was to another person of Japanese descent. So by the time WWII came around the anti-Japanese agenda had a large following. Perl Harbor was just the push it needed to gain backing my Politicians publicly and it spread like wildfire. The Japanese came to this country for a better life and were discriminated against the entire time. Their children go to war and fight for the country and in return they are put in camps while the sons and fathers die in war for a country who is treating their families like spies. The Japanese couldn’t catch a break during this time.
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