The Jamestown Colony and the Massachussets Bay Colony

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The Colonies That Shaped America

The Jamestown Colony, a colony in ruin, turned into the wealthiest colony. The Massachusetts Bay Colony, the “a city upon a hill” turned into “the city that fell down the hill.”

As the 13 colonies took shape, The Jamestown colony and the Massachusetts Bay Colony took shape in many different ways. These two colonies are two of the most famous colonies in U.S. History. The colonies overcame struggles, rose to the top of the hill, and fell down the hill.

The Jamestown colony in Virginia, established by the Virginia Company, was the first established colony in North America. The Virginia Company would have investors invest in the New World for gold, treasure, or a sea passage in return. Members of the company, eager to find treasure, arrived in the New World. There was no gold or treasure. The members had to survive in the wilderness. They had to face diseases, the “starvation” time, and clashes with the Native Americans until they found the key to wealth – tobacco.

“In Virginia and Maryland, tobacco as our staple is our All, and indeed leaves no room for anything else.” – Governor Leonard Calvert of Maryland

The exporting of tobacco was an economic boom for Jamestown. In 1619, the production of tobacco reached to 20,000 pounds and by 1688 it reached up to 18 million pounds. However, to export a large amount of tobacco, farmers needed slaves.

As the need for labor grew in Jamestown, the colonists turned to indentured servants. Indentured servants were English people that lived poorly in England. The person would work for a wealthy merchant or farmer in the New World for about 7 years for a passage to the New World. At the end of the 7 year contract, there were ‘freedom dues.’ The servants wo...

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...ed, and burned. Witch hunts were out of control. Economy declined due to the distractions of the witch trials. The governor finally intervened when his wife was accused of being a witch. He ordered the remaining suspects to be released.

Jamestown and Massachusetts rose to power by their smart ideas of growing tobacco and investing in marine trade. Jamestown enslaved innocent people and Massachusetts Bay accused innocent people of witchcraft. Even though Jamestown enslaved people, they were still powerful. On the other hand, the Massachusetts Bay never fully rose back to power after the Salem Witch Trial. Today, Tobacco and Marine trade are still profitable products. African Americans weren’t equal to Whites until the 1960s. The Salem Witch Trial is now frowned upon by millions. Despite the struggles and hardships, they both impacted America to what it is today.
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