The JD Sports Website: A Review

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The purpose of the website is to make the company money and ensure that a large profit is made. It does this by selling items such as clothing, footwear and accessories. JD sports is not just an online business, it also operates as a high street shop as well. The website runs alongside the high-street shops to help makes sales. The reason it has a website is because this offers a worldwide option and means that anyone over the world can buy products form JD increasing the profit massively. Having a website also means that there are less overheads and staff then in one of the high street shops. The website has more than one purpose. Another purpose is to ensure that the customer keeps on using the website. This is called ‘retaining’ the customer. The website does meet these objectives successfully as the company is still running and is a very wealthy company so it is obviously making a good profit. JD sports is a very well known company around the world any many people buy products form JD time and time again so they are very successful in retaining their customers.

The JD sports website is structured so that it is quick and easy to find any item that is available. There is a search option in the top right hand of the screen and also a list of every brand that has items on the JD sports website. The website has not currently got a site map so I cannot fully understand the site structure.

JD sports offer a range of goods from men’s jackets to women’s footwear. JD specialises in clothing and footwear and they make clothing for men, women and juniors. Big brands such as Adidas, Nike and Fred Perry sell their goods to JD and then JD sell on the goods to the public. This is a good thing as all of the biggest brands are available o...

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... and want to buy items of a certain brand.

To keep the customers going back to the website again JD offer special offers to its customers. These include such things such as '20% off on your next purchase from us'. This makes the customer want to go back to the website and purchase more items. The reason JD offer these discounts is to retain the customers and keep them shopping on the website. There are various ways that JD put these offers across. One way they do it is to post the offer on the homepage of the website so everyone visiting the website can see it when they first go onto the website. Another way they can put the offers across is to send the offer to their customers via email. This makes the offer being made more personal to each customer. This also ensures that each of their customers receives the offer even if they have not visited the JD website.
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