The Italian Mob And The Russian Mafia

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When people think of organized crime, they think of the Italian mob and the Russian mafia. They are the ones that they see in movies and on television, and the ones that they hear about the most. However, they were created a couple centuries after their Asian counterparts, the Yakuza in Japan, and the Triads in China. These Asian syndicates were founded in the sixteenth and seventeenth century. They consisted of merchants and other people in what was basically the middle class. They were just groups of poorer people who were just looking for protection or were trying to help other people. The first organized crime syndicates were a kind of Robin Hood; they helped the poor. They weren’t big or powerful, and they didn’t have large numbers. The Italian mob was the same way, small numbers and very little power. Over time though, these organizations began to grow beyond even what their founders pictured. As this growth started to happen, and these organizations became more of a nuisance, governments started to take notice. They began trying to stop them by either slowing the growth or causing them to cease existence. Despite efforts to eradicate organized crime, it is stronger than ever. In the early part of the twentieth century, organized crime began to pop up in the United States with a similar structure to current days. Prohibition caused men to begin the manufacturing and distribution of alcohol under the government’s radar. There was one name that stood out from all the others; Al Capone a.k.a. “Scarface” (Italian Organized Crime). Capone set the stage for organized crime in America and thrust it into the spotlight. It wouldn’t be for a couple decades though that the larger groups would begin to have a significant prese... ... middle of paper ... ...ed to combat organized crime in the U.S. It allows for law enforcement to prosecute for racketeering activity performed as part of an ongoing enterprise but Law Enforcement Officials must prove present and past criminal activity. There is no statute of limitation when people are convicted of RICO. Since this law was passed, it has been used to prosecute individuals, mafia members, Mob Families and even the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club. Despite efforts to eradicate organized crime, it is stronger than ever. With growing memberships and legitimate businesses under their control organized crime groups such as La Cosa Nostra the Russian Mob and the Yakuza, have become even stronger than they already were. In 1970, with the passing of RICO, it has become easier for law enforcement to prosecute these groups, but they are still a long way from being destroyed.

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