The Issues Of The Canadian Social Services And Social Justice Domain

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To begin, Case Critical is a sixth edition book that gives readers deep insight on the history, the challenges and the possibilities in the Canadian social services and social justice domain. The author Ben Carniol is a social work professor at Ryerson University and has over forty years of experience, which has helped contribute to social work education. Carniol discusses social services and social justice starting from the early 1400’s until the 20th century. This book is definitely educational and a good read. The author was very honest in his writing and gave thorough examples to elaborate on what was being discussed. Personally, the most important part about this authors writing style was how he took on the role of both those who provide social services and those who are recipients. Furthermore, there were some dominant themes that stood out in the book. These included the challenges social worker and their clients may face, how the practice methods organizations use can be oppressive or anti-oppressive and finally how knowledge of power and oppression can create a better society for Canadians. The author is brutally honest about his feelings on the social work profession. He explains that there can be a lot of negative aspects in social work but it is the positive things that make it all worthwhile (Carniol, 2010, p. 93). Taking into consideration that this is likely to be a mutual feeling in many different professions, it is interesting to see why Carniol feels this way about social work. One barrier that is discussed in the book is social class. A reason the author sees social class as a barrier is due to clients feeling like their social worker cannot relate to what they are going through because they have nev... ... middle of paper ... ...(Carniol, 2010, p. 45). This is extremely important for the reason that there can be a million solutions to an unknown problem but the issue is that the problem will eventually return. The author does not put much emphasis on this but it seems essential to resolving societal issues. To conclude, overall Ben Carniol’s Case Critical was an excellent book to read. The real life examples that we 're given made what the author was saying more precise. Having little to no knowledge about the barriers, contemporary practices and ways to improve social services and social justice this book was extremely informative and filled with knowledge. The authors writing style was easy to grasp and enjoyable to read. This is a definitely a great read for social work students or professionals. It is a good reminder of the strengths and weaknesses of the social work profession.
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