The Issue of Immigration in America

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America is a country founded by immigrants and forefathers who first set foot on Plymouth Rock as immigrants to this new world. Today, America is a melting pot of different religions, cultures, and peoples. For centuries, it has been standing as a beacon for people seeking new opportunities, a golden door. However, in recent news with the legislation of immigration laws it is straying away from its prestigious reputation - the land of opportunities and freedom.

Ellis Island, a place of immense contentment or great disappointment, has been symbolic of America's immigrant heritage. It is the “golden door”; the place that has stirred hope in the hearts and minds of the soon to be documented. At this site, immigrants were once required to undergo several vigorous exams - both physical and mental, testing whether or not they were capable enough of becoming an American citizen. As time progressed, the process has changed dramatically. With new laws set in place, their future can no longer be determined in minutes, rather months to even years in some cases.

Migrates often chose to travel the far distances in hope of a new destiny. They want to escape the recurring problems such as famine, poverty, political unrest and religious persecution in their countries. America, to immigrants, is seen as the Promised Land. The place where employment opportunities are vast and productivity is quite overwhelming. So where exactly does the problem lie?

As Americans, we have immense ability in creating labels and pushing away what is different. As immigrants, struggling with language barriers - they too have to suffer from becoming victims of exploitative employers as well as finding living arrangements. The economy is depressed, social unrest i...

... middle of paper ... government’s failure to regulate the movement of illegal immigrants throughout our nation and securing the border. While also recognizing the risks that come with being divided and challenging instead of supporting.

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