The Issue of Illegal Immigration

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Open borders and opened doors that is what America stands for, and that is what this country was built on. This country was made great through the hard work of immigrants, from the rail road to the modern super highway immigrants built most of the infrastructure that is in place today. The problem is not the immigrants that have come to this country legally but rather the problem is the immigrants that have broken the laws to get here and also stay here against the laws that already are in place. America has become over run with the epidemic of illegal immigration, from small towns to every big city illegal immigration is a serious situation that is putting a strain on the country. If the country continues to head in this direction with out a change in course soon then it will soon be too late to act. Many would say that this is not a problem at all that the problem of illegal immigration is a made up problem and one does not even exist. Some would even say that it does not affect me so why should I care about a few people coming over the border into this land to better themselves. These are questions that need to be answered and many more just like them will be answered as you read through this paper. To understand the problem of illegal immigration better we first have to find the source of the problem or better yet where is the problem coming from. Where are the majority of the illegal immigrants coming from? In figure F1 the chart shows the over whelming majority of illegal emigrates come from Latin countries, easily crossing our unprotected southern border. A over whelming 80% come from the southern region of America, in knowing this now where should they concentrate the main focus on helping to eliminate this problem. Mos... ... middle of paper ... ... References Economic costs of legal and illegal immigration, Colorado Alliance for Immigration Reform, immigrants and Welfare, Research Perspectives on Migration, Vol. 1, No. 1, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace -- International Migration Policy Project, Immigration, Coral Ridge Ministries, 1997 Center For Reclaiming America Fox News reported March 18, 2005 Jack Martin Breaking the Piggy Bank published by FAIR in 2003 More Immigrants Take to Streets to Protest Proposed Laws Tuesday, April 11, 2006 Fox News Biting the Hand That Feeds You. May 5, 2006. Representative Steve King 5th Congressional District of Iowa.

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