The Issue Of Racism And Discrimination

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WAHOOWA, UVA has just been ranked at second to best public university in America according to the latest rankings by the U.S. News & World Report and it is clear why since we have the brightest and smartest students from all around! This should be a moment for celebration of our peers and the diversity that makes up this beautiful school for we are the elite students that Thomas Jefferson envisioned numerous years ago but sadly this ranking ignores the very real problems of racism and discrimination that take place in our school even today. Just this past week, two of the old dorms Kent and Dabney were covered with racial slurs using the n-word. The act is juvenile and racist, clearly hurting the minority populations of UVA. So, if this school is so amazing and great, why are some students willing to insult a significant population of their peers? I just cannot wrap my head around these two facts that racism is clear on grounds but somehow we have managed to snatch that second place ranking at the same time…are we really deserving of such a title? Sadly, I feel like some of the stere...
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