The Issue Of Legalizing Marijuana

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A race against time as spectators from all over the United States and even from other countries were seated glued to the elections. It was the 8th of November 2016 that had decided the next four years of this country and its leader. Our winner, the president-elect is Donald Trump with 290 to his count while his opponent Hillary Clinton hit a 232 (see figure 1). Figure 1: the actual 2016 preliminary votes cast "2016 Presidential Election Interactive Map." Accessed November 26, 2016. The country will be hitting a new turn as we proceed towards the future. Our presidential elect Donald Trump has several policies on the issue of legalizing marijuana, immediate review of the cyber defenses, negotiate a fair trade, a list of every wasteful and unnecessary regulation that kills jobs, and the list goes on. The real depth of the election is on our newly elect president and how he is where he is now. Although there is a lot of controversy at this point in time as to how he gained enough votes it’ll be in the best interest of everyone to look at the facts. A person from fame aiming for further fame. Donald Trump, a businessman, a father and now a president-elect of the United States. His goals as mentioned above is just some of the new goals/ policies that he wants to implement when he gets put officially into office. When referring to his sweep towards victory we will have to look back at how he got this point. Heading back to the beginning, 2015 of last year Mr. Trump began the grueling process towards the presidency. In terms of getting the world’s attention, the media gave Mr. Trump the edge he was looking for when this all began. The media brought about not only the goof, but likewise the ... ... middle of paper ... ... this is that it allows states to have participation while cons can be irrelevant to national vote. Through the centuries, each election has taken something away from the candidates. This, in turn, reform our elections, making it more advanced. After the debates that took place, and how the campaigns were dealt with, it is obvious that there will be some severe changes to the format, time limit, limitations on potential shaming your opponents, etc. It’ll be a great time for moderators to discuss the issues with the system and potentially work towards removing that. Though, will the moderators, do it? It is an obvious but difficult process with many lawmakers, lawyer’s moderators and the like. It is in hopes of this election that the government will start heading towards a gradual change in the near future. Though only time will really tell how things will play out.

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