The Issue Of Illegal Immigration

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With the issue of illegal immigration becoming a heated topic in the 2016 presidential election, I brought it upon myself to research the actual concerns behind the system. Primarily, the current state of our border security, the struggles faced by undocumented immigrants, and how these factors affect the safety and economy of America. In doing so, I will be arguing as to how both the borders and our undocumented population can be protected. Through properly vetted sources, I will introduce information with regards to the level of threats that permeate through our borders and all of what undocumented immigrants take and expel into our economy. While America renown as a cultural boiling pot, it is key to understand immigration is the foundation of our country; therefore, the system should be renovated for the prosperity of our future through better border security and enaction of new legislation that safeguards undocumented immigrants. Immigration is a familiar subject for my family; both of my parents illegally crossed the border to provide a better standard of living and more educational opportunities for their future family. In doing so they fought diligently through the system to be granted citizenship. Although everyone in my immediate family has achieved resident or citizenship status, there are still a few who are struggling through the tedious process. It is frightening that a close family friend could be separated from the community they’re ingrained in for not having legal status. Yet, this is why I am thankful of the luck my family has had, their courageousness and perseverance has granted me the opportunity to research, understand, and advocate for immigration reform. It feels like an obligation to inform those on thi... ... middle of paper ... comprehend the full scope of what my references are arguing. There are many approaches on what is wrong and the ways to fix the immigration system, so I will have to dedicate time to it Yet, there appears to be an underlying issue, non-peer reviewed sources tend to be heavily opinionated. This will result in having to rely on difficult reading for my information as I skip the biases on the internet. In conclusion, I am determined to discover the true scope of how broken our immigration system is. Although my work won’t be groundbreaking, I intend on expanding my knowledge in this area to inform my peers with the research that is uncovered. My parents struggled to gain their rights in this country and in appreciation for not having to struggle through the process, I will invest my time in this research paper understanding what’s at stake for America and its people.

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