The Issue Of Assisted Suicide

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Is human life truly sacred, and if so do all humans have a special dignity and worth. Singer believes that we should not think traditionally and not allow our beliefs to cloud our judgement when dealing with ending a life. In doing this we can go beyond ourselves and think of the welfare and lives of others. What Singer does not understand is that there is a difference. Between both of the cases he presents. He talks about how practices such as abortion, assisted suicide are two hot topic issues. When dealing with an infant this child has a chance to better the lives of others as well as themselves. With not giving these children a fighting chance it is morally wrong. Now to the case of when it is acceptable to take a life. I do not believe it is morally sound to take the life of another human being, but an exception would be for those with terminal illness. I have seen someone close to me dying of cancer it is not something I would ever want anyone to go through or witness. I unlike most can understand why Rudy Linares pulls the plug on his son Samuel. Watching someone die and you a...
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