The Issue And Lacks Precision As Well As A Logical Approach

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In addition, the use of logos is also evident, although logical fallacies are recurrently identified. While Mórbel suggests that the political discussion consists mainly of the use of pathos, he identifies the need for logical thought, in order to correctly portray a thought (419).Many arguments supporting Bill 6, such as one by Connor Chartier on December 5 2015 at 8:13p.m., “Roads have speed limits, helmets are mandatory for motor bikes, and since those rules are in place to reduce accidents[,] farms should have some too.”, lack a structured logical path and do not implement details that are necessary to assume the conclusion. As a result the argument, when not properly analyzed can result in the misinformation of individuals. Additionally, the argument does not properly address the issue and lacks precision as well as a logical response to the issue at hand. In the article by Connors, he states that written discourse must follow a logical plan without consistently referring to the thesis. (288-289). Spoken discussions can state a thought repeatedly to clarify its essentiality, but written discussion must properly respond to an issue in a logical manner. The insufficient clarification and order within Chartier’s post, prevents the reader from fully understanding the purpose it. Safety, in fact, is a common issue and consideration of farmers; unfortunately, in many likewise arguments, on pages such as Albertan Against the Conservative Parties, farmers discontent with Bill 6 appears to propose the conclusion that they do not care for the safety of their employees. The post by Chartier, “Hey farmers protesting bill 6 on the side of the highway. Don 't expect me to slow down when passing you. You 're not about that safety life.”, s... ... middle of paper ... ...cuss the implications the bill may result in. Social media is used by a vast majority of the public. As discussed, it is often a primary source for the deliberation and attainment of information regarding an issue. Therefore, the proper representation and use of rhetoric is necessary to ensure individuals are properly informed and not misled. Social media tends to lack the articulation that academic writing consists of; additionally, the use of rhetoric tends to not be properly informative and potentially conflicting. Due to the lack of formality and documentation, political discourse on social media often leads to misunderstandings, which can create conflict. While social networks may be essential for modern communication, without the proper and precise use of rhetoric, the average user is most likely be misinformed regarding a political discussion on social media.
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