The Israeli - Palestine Conflict

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The focus here shall be on the analysis of the Middle East (Israeli – Palestine) deeply divided politics and security complex structure of the region. I shall approach the conflict (Israeli – Palestine) from the access point of; the USA (power mediator) and the critical analysis of matters arising in the conflict and the region within the last ten years. Answers to questions such as; what are the causes of security problems in the region (a bit of history will be considered)? What are the aims of the mediator and facilitator actor role? What is the future of the conflicts? A theoretical explanation shall be analysed and in the end, one shall understand whether there is an ongoing conflict management, an already established resolution or whether there is a peace building process on course in the region.

The Middle East geographic and political region is composed of societies that share certain identities and historical trace. These region is regarded as the most deeply divided internal (domestic) and external (international) interactions among the people. Unlike the cooperative structure of the EU, these region is more of a complex society which is characterized with multiple instabilities. Historically and even up to modern time, the region is regarded as the centre of world affairs. Being itself the origin of major religion practiced worldwide i.e. Christianity, Islam and Judaism, they are richly blessed with diversity (multiple ethnic groups) and natural resources that attracts the rest of the world. Thus one could speak of the sensitivity of the strategic, cultural, religious, economic and political characteristics of the region.
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... but the question is; what kind of power mediator? Is the role of US partial or impartial? Over the years of the conflict, US has given more supports financially to Israel, more than it has to the Palestine, in fact, more than US ever had to any country in the world. Israel gets three (3) billion dollars from the US every year. Another question that would strike one’s mind is; what is the aim of the US in the conflict?
The very day the state of Israel was established on May 14, 1948, US recognised the sovereignty of Israel, thus US – Israel relations began from that point. From my vast reading, research and understanding, I would say that before the Israel – Palestine conflict erupted, the United States of America was fully aware of the status quo in the state of Palestine and to a great extent, the US has important specific data about the Middle East as a whole.
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