The Israeli-Palestine Border Conflict

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The current conflict between Israel and Palestine over territory has come to what seems like a stalemate over the Palestinian state and where its borders should be placed. And while several efforts for a resolution have been attempted, a solution has not yet been reached, neither side being willing to compromise on what they believe they are entitled to by their history and their religion. We, the people and government of Israel, are certainly no exception to this rule; however, returning to the land of our forefathers after facing years of religious persecution from all over the globe was meant to be a safe haven for our people, bringing about a time of peace and security. It has been quite the opposite, as many of our surrounding countries have tried to chase us out or eliminate our people all together. Compromise on the border issue will not be an option so long as we are met with so much resistance and violence from the Palestinian Authority and Palestinian Islamist Movement Hamas on the other side, as well as international organizations which only wish to find a quick, easy fix to a very complex and historic problem.
To truly understand this conflict, one must first understand the long and complicated history behind it. The land that is now being disputed by Israel and Palestine is war torn and has a long history of violence, aging back to biblical times before the birth of Christ. During the ancient times of the Jewish history, our temples were ransacked and destroyed more than once, our people driven out of their lands, exiled, persecuted, and sold into slavery (A History of Conflict, 2012), yet the Jewish people still returned to the land promised to them by God despite all of the hardships facing them. Finally, by the y...

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