The Isolation Of Human Rights

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Intro: Australia is the only Western democratic country with neither a constitutional nor federal legislative bill of rights to protect its citizens. Consultation in 2009 fail to introduce a democratic Bill of right based on the fact that Australia already has a strong democracy and separation of power. There are some, but very few, rights in our federal constitution and there are some right are protected in varies federal statutory, but most of these provision is only state level rather national level. The current role of the Australian judiciary in upholding human rights under the provision of the Separation of Powers and the Rule of Law is successful. Therefore, the government argued that the framework does reflect the key endorsements of the Human Rights Consultation Committee1, hence no need for further enforcement. However, there is room for improvement to refine the functions of the judiciary in various ways so that it would strengthen the protection of human rights and contribute to protection of human right in our society. This paper would be discussing about the isolation of Human Rights framework in Australia while briefly mentioned about the need of protecting and promoting human rights through judicial powers and some others methods. Body: Rule of Law The Rule of Law is the essential recognition of equality of creating the law of the legislative, law as it reflects a key aspect as of the International Human right standard. One of the key principles in Australia legal system as it highlights the separations of power among three main branches of the government and fundamentals Human Right. The Rule of Law can be use an underpinning factor of fundamentals document and organization internationally that focus on the h... ... middle of paper ... .... Australia has a strong democracy and separation of power, freedom of press and a federal system. All of these elements contribute to protection of HR in society yet we have no comprehensive federal statute that protects human right. At the moment, there are some but very few, rights in our federal constitution, and there are some right are protected in varies federal statute such Discrimination Law. Judges also play a role in protecting right in our society through what we know as the common law or judge made law. To add to this we also have some protection at the state level yet no Bill of right at national level. Moreover, the fact that the Rule of Law divided the separation of powers very clearly, which might lead to conflict during legislation making or decision-making among three main arms of the government is investable. In order to compromise this issue, a
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