The Iroquois Creations: The Creation Of The World

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The creation of the world, or universe for that matter, is a matter that still has scientist baffled to this day. There are so many unanswered questions that to begin to answer them is to try to empty the ocean using only a bucket. Even in ancient times many cultures pondered over the creation of the universe. With the similarities in each theory developed, it begs the question: are they right?
The first theory to exam is that of the Pima Native Americans. A culture that derived from south Arizona, the Pimas, also known as Akimel O’odham, believed that the world was created by a single man (Booth). This single man called Juhwertamahkai or The Earth Doctor wandered through darkness until he decided to drift no more. Earth doctor rubbed his
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The Iroquois natives, originating in present day New York, believe creation began when a woman fell from the upper world (heaven) into the dark world, landing on a turtle which would later grow and become the great island, or the land as it is today. Here there a couple different versions as to what happens next. Upon her landing, she gives birth to twins, just before passing away moments later. In the version told by Hanna B. Zeiger, the mother survives and goes on to help the kids grown up, but in David Cusick’s version, the mother passes and the children use her body for creating the world. For the sake of this essay, David Cusick’s version will suffice. As the children grow up, there is a noticeable difference between the two. One is named Enigorio, meaning the good mind, while the other is called Enigonhahetgea, the bad…show more content…
There is even a battle between good and bad, defining the moral correctness of life. These sacrosanct similarities go beyond these two creation stories. In the creation story of Christianity, there is an all-powerful being who spoke “let there be light” (Genesis) and the universe began its existence. Later on in this story, there is a clear battle between good and evil, defining the morals that one should live by. This story even takes it to the extent of God creating humans, and breathing life into them, only for them to ultimately fall short of their intended purpose. These similarities are found across multiple culture’s creation stories. With such a vast majority of the world believing in one way. One can’t help but to accept that there is a Supreme Being that created everything and put mankind here for a reason, maybe this Supreme Being just hasn’t been
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