The Iron Lions : Positive Impact On The World

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Walt Disney, the man behind the magic, once said, “You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality.” With that in mind, Team 967, the Iron Lions, strive to encourage as many people as possible to see the potential in themselves through STEM and FIRST programs. FIRST is the stepping stone many young students are taking throughout their primary school years and up into middle and high school. The program itself aims to inspire leadership in all ages while infusing science and technology with crucial values such as confidence, determination, and persistence. The Iron Lions demonstrate the positive impact FIRST can have through the creation of an innovative community starting with its students in FLL, FTC, and FRC programs. FRC Team 967 was founded in 2001 out of Linn-Mar High School in Marion, Iowa. The team began with only nine members, all of which being male, but has grown to now consist of 25 members--22 boys and three girls. Iron Lions has helped create three new FTC teams at Linn-Mar high school in the past five years. The most recent FTC started, beginning in the 2015-2016 season, features a female majority, unlike any other team at Linn-Mar. The Iron Lions have a very close relationship with these teams, sharing a lab as well as their many years of experience. The Iron Lions greatly value the collaborative spirit of FIRST, striving to help other teams meet their potential. This mindset is kept in the workshop, at competitions, in the community, and in everyday life, It helped them earn the Gracious Professionalism award in 2014. Team 967 balances its passion for building robots with actions that spread the core values of the program and inspire othe... ... middle of paper ... ... the students had to come together to pull off and really brought out the unique characteristics among them. One of Walt Disney’s most famous quotes was to “never forget it all started with a mouse,” because no matter how much success he faced in life he always wanted to keep the focus on what had brought him there. FRC Team Iron Lions continues to teach the lessons taught to them by their mentors, teachers, and sponsors through the FIRST program because without it is them that make this team a possibility. The coaches and older students that welcome incoming members and take the time to teach the skills needed to be successful, this team could never thrive. Team 967 works to reach out and inspire more every year as a thank you to the ones who inspired them to take a chance on STEM and the FIRST program. FIRST is more than just an after school club, it’s a lifestyle.

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