The Irish History

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The Irish History

The following events have all helped shape the course of Irish history

in the 20th century. The Easter rising 1916, The deployment of British

troops in Northern Ireland 1969, ”Bloody Sunday” 30 January 1972.

Which of these events has had the biggest impact on the history of the

conflict in Ireland?

The Easter Rising, Bloody Sunday and the deployment of British troops

in Northern Ireland all had big impacts on the history of the conflict

in Northern Ireland. Which one, however, had the biggest impact on the


The Easter Rising took place in 1916 in Ireland. Padraig Pearse was a

key individual in the Easter rising and was a politician. He wanted

independence from Britain. Straight after the Easter rising, the Irish

were happy with the British and they were supporting them. Later on,

however, the opinion of the Irish changed to become very anti-British.

This is because of the execution of socialist leader James Connelly.

The Irish then came to hate the British, especially Catholics and

Nationalists. This was a long term consequence. The Irish were very

angry at the execution of James Connelly and rebelled at the British.

Because of this, another long term consequence was created. The

British then had less trust in the Irish. Because of the lack of trust

between the Irish and the British, the Irish possibly had less chance

of persuading the British to release Ireland and allow Nationalists to

work with the British. This was both a long term and a short term

consequence. Trust was also lost between Protestants and Catholics.

The Easter rising also caused Sinn Fein to become more determined to

succeed a...

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... rising had a big impact on the conflict in Northern Ireland as it had

many long term consequences which affected Ireland for a long time

after it had take place. It lead to the creation of martyrs who caused

a lot of violence then and still are right now. The deployment of

British troops in Belfast also had some very important consequences.

They started off being sent in to help the Catholics and protect them,

but they soon began treating the Catholics in a different way. They

wrecked catholic homes and destroyed lives. They soon became seen as

the villains in all of this. In my opinion, Bloody Sunday had the most

important consequences. It caused a lot of violence, deaths and

injuries. More so than the Easter rising and the British troops in

Belfast. It played a strong role in the history of the conflict in

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