The Iraqi War

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The Iraqi War

In March of 2003 George W. Bush declared war on Iraq. The war against this country was expected to be a quick victory for the United States. Sure enough, in May of 2003 Bush declared an end to major operations in Iraq. The United States had taken the country from Saddam Hussein with little resistance. Americans were mixed in the approval of the use of force, and their doubts of Bush’s faults were boosted when no weapons of mass destruction were discovered. However, during the war, the United States suffered a very small number of human casualties. Since Bush declared the end of major military operations, more than 150 U.S. soldiers have lost their lives in occupied Iraq. This number is much higher than the total of casualties in Iraq during wartime. More and more soldiers lose their lives each day.

Since the end of the war, the news has been plagued with reports of terrorist attacks on U.S. troops, and any Iraqi supporting the U.S. occupation of the country. On October 10, two U.S. Soldiers were killed, and four were wounded in a shooting in a slum of Baghdad. This attack was just hours after a car bomb was detonated near an Iraqi police station, killing eight and wounding forty (Bonner, Fisher). These attacks on U.S. troops are believed to be organized by groups of Hussein loyalists (Schmitt). Who are trying to send a message that Iraq will never be a peaceful nation as long as the U.S. is in control. These attackers also are aiming attacks at members of their own country. On August 29th a terrorist car bomb was parked next to the Imam Ali mosque, when it detonated it claimed the life of 95 Iraqis and wounded 140. The mosque was predominantly a U.S. supporting community. Also killed in the blast was Ayato...

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...r 2003.

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