The Iran Hostage Crisis

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Andrew Benfer Research Paper 4/10/14 Prof. Allison The Iranian Hostage crisis was one of the most significant events of American history. It caused many Americans to question their government and showed that even a superpower like America could easily be challenged. This paper will examine the events leading up to the hostage crisis, the crisis itself, the American people’s reaction to the crisis, America’s plan of action, how the crisis was concluded and the aftermath of the crisis the led to the Iraq invasion of Iran.. Tension between Iran and the U.S. grew from conflict over oil. British and American corporations had controlled the majority of Iran’s oil reserves almost since their inception. The United States and Great Britain had a lucrative agreement with Iran that they had no desire to change. Nevertheless, in 1951 Iran’s newly elected Prime Minister Muhammad Mosaddegh, announced a plan to privatize the country’s oil industry. In response to these policies, the American C.I.A. and British intelligence service formed a secret plan to overthrow Mosaddegh and replace him with a leader who would be more approachable to western interests. In August of 1953 Mosaddegh rein ended leading to a new Iranian leader. The leader of this new government was Mohammed Reza Shah Pahlavi, a member of the Iranian royal family. The Shah’s government was secular, anti-communist and pro-western. In exchange for tens of millions of dollars in foreign aid, he returned 80 percent of Iran’s oil reserves to the Americans and the British. For the C.I.A. and their oil interests, the 1953 overthrow of Mosaddegh was a success. Iranians bitterly resented what they saw as American involvement in their affairs. Shah Pahlavi turned out to be a brutal,... ... middle of paper ... ...Iraq and Iran. The Hostage Crisis today is still considered to be a major event in American History. The event made it clear that achieving diplomacy between two countries is a difficult game to play. The crisis proved that foreign relations with countries are extremely important. It proved that the American people were able to unite and conquer the Hostage Crisis. It is still an area of question and debate by many historians today. There is still continued resentment between America and Iran and even today the images of the Crisis still haunt many American citizens. Citations 1. Farber, David. Taken Hostage. Princeton, New Jersey: Princeton University Press, 2005. 2. Yergin, Daniel. "The Prize (Part 7-8)." Tinderbox. PBS. Web 3. History Channel, "Iranian Hostage Crisis." Accessed April 10, 2014.

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