The Invention Of Wings By Sue Monk Kidd

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Inequality is defined as: a symbolic expression of the fact that two quantities are not equal. In “The Invention Of Wings”, a historical fiction novel written by Sue Monk Kidd, we see how the characters are affected by inequality. The book revolves around Sarah Grimke, and her hand slave Handful, and reveals to the readers of their hardships that they both face together and separately growing up in Charleston, Virginia in the 1800s. In this book, we see various forms of inequality, such as race, gender, and age, and how they affect the main characters of the book: Sarah, Handful, and Charlotte. Sarah Grimke, who grew up in a wealthy, white family, had always seen, been aware of, and against racial inequality. Sarah personally knows the effects of inequality, for she has both been a witness and a victim to it. For example, throughout the book Sarah has a speech impediment, which was brought on by a traumatizing event that happened when she was little. She had seen one of her eldest slaves, Rosetta, being whipped, she said that she could never forget the brash way in which Rosetta was treated. Sarah describes Rosetta’s blood being splattered on her clothes like “blooms of red that opened up like pearls” (Kidd 10). After seeing this, Sarah was shocked, she had never seen such an event occur in her household before, so she ran away. After a while, she came back, and was not able to speak until a couple weeks after, “when [Sarah] came to speak again…[she] had an odd...stammer” (11). The sight of racial inequality in action had traumatized her for life, giving her a disability. Her speech impediment gave reason for many to make fun of her, even her siblings, mocking her for something she could not control. Due to her speech impedime... ... middle of paper ... ...racters in the book. We see Sarah and her age affect her stress in life in trying to find a husband within her childbearing years. This was especially hard for Sarah due to her speech impediment brought on by a traumatizing event that happened when she was young. Handful, Sarah’s slave, also experiences the effects of inequality, more specifically, for her race. Handful went through horrible punishments, for she was educated. Likewise, Charlotte, Handful’s mother, went through many horrible treatments, and was not able to receive an education. This set her back, for she had a change in personality, as well as not being able to do simple tasks, like write her name, or read. Overall, “The Invention Of Wings” showcases how hard it was to be a woman, or a slave back in the 1800s, we are all so lucky, and blessed to be living in the America we are living in today.

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