The Invention Of The Smartphone

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Following the invention of modern technology, smartphone technology is evolving and changing our lives these days. The first concept of the smartphone was introduced in 1992 by BMI. Since then, this new invention has marked a great milestone to the society. Clearly, smartphones were invented because people wanted their mobile phones to have more Internet capabilities. Many software companies such as Apple, Samsung, and Microsoft have also developed this technology and made it better and better. Due to the advance of smartphone technology, human lives become easier and more convenient. Therefore, according to Pew Research, “half of American adults own a smart phone and that the rate of ownership is expanding quickly”. This number indicates that…show more content…
Since 1992 when the first concept of the smartphone was introduced, this modern technology has developed more and more quickly. Smartphones are very useful, which have made a huge difference in human daily lives. First of all, a smartphone is a mobile device with Internet capabilities. With these functions, it provides people not only means of communication but also a huge range of entertainment. Clearly, people can use smartphones to keep in touch with their friends and families all around the world. For instance, in the article “Phone Calls Are Perfect Now (And Everyone Hates Them), Jeffrey Tucker introduces that Apple has recently released a new invention: the high definition voice protocol. This invention helps people to make phone calls on a new level, and it is very amazing. Specifically, people nowadays can make a voice call or video chat with another person with high-definition quality wherever they are, at no charge. These new technology inventions were the dream of the 1960s, and now they finally become reality. Thousands of communication applications were also invented and developed to provide service and satisfy the need of smartphone’s users. However, there is just only a quarter of the time people use a smartphone to make calls. While the rest of time people use it to browse the Internet and connect with social media. People are likely to read the electronic newspaper, play games and get on the social network through their
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