The Invention Of The Printing Press

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The invention of the printing press, perhaps one of the most important or most important invention in history. This incredible device allowed for the production of reading materials like newspapers, magazines, books, posters, flyers, and pamphlets in a massive scale while having a last impact on world literature. It was built on the early ideas of printing while undergoing a lot of versions and upgrades as the years go forward to accommodate the use of people from various ages. However before the printing press was created, all drawings and writings had to be written restlessly by hand. In fact, not everyone, especially during the Middle and Dark ages were allowed to write, let alone print. Work like that requires the talents of scribes, which lived and commissioned at monasteries. The monasteries had a room especially made for writing and printing called the “scriptorium.” In that room, a scribe works in absolute silence, first starting the process by measuring, then outlining the page’s diagram and cautiously copying a text against another book. Next, a scribe called an illuminator, would take up the responsibility by making the page layouts and design to the page. During that time, possession of books are owned either by the rich nobility, educational schools or religious monasteries. All the while, the majority of books were spiritually in nature about the Christian faith which allows the Bible to become one of the top ten books sold and owned till this day. On the other hand, the concept of writing and printing didn’t start with European monks, but Chinese monks about 600 years prior to the invention of the printing press. The Chinese style is based around the context of ink to paper under the method called block printing; ... ... middle of paper ... ...especially the printing press as an “engine” that could be used to forward a cause. Finally on July 8, 1776, as the final draft of the Declaration of Independence has been revised, it was copied by hand and by a printing press. Messengers would then carry the copies to every town, city and to leaders like George Washington, under instruction to read the most important document ever printed on U.S. soil, the Declaration of Independence out loud to the populace. These printers are true Patriots, while their duty is to keep readers informed about events around them like the war, overall helped ensure the success by increasing morale and encourage colonists to support and believe the cause is just in the name of freedom and liberty to all. In the end, newspapers showed the common identity and civic unity of self-independence as one nation, the United States of America.
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