The Invention Of The Automobile

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It is easily recognizable that the automobile culture has grown substantially since the discovery of automobiles and creation of the Model T in the 1950s by Henry Ford. Automobiles have revolutionized over the years increasing in horsepower and other specs as time progressed. (James) The automobile ended rural isolation and brought urban amenities—most important, better medical care and schools—to rural America (Foner and Garraty, 1991). There would be numerous positive and negative effects behind the loss of the automobile. This is partly because we as Americans have become so accustomed to this twentieth century convenience. Every day most Americans frequently overlook the benefits of the automobile. The removal of the automobiles would reduce accidents, air pollution, obesity and increase the income of families. This increase in income being because they no longer have to shovel out large amounts of money for gas, toll roads, and insurance. According to the Texas Department of Transportation in Texas alone, the death toll in the year 2014 was 3,534 an increase of 3.70 percent from 2013. This is approximately one death every two hours and twenty-nine minutes. (TXDOT, 2014) Removal of automobiles will decrease this number entirely. Since if there are no automobiles, there cannot be accidents involving them. Gas price, insurance, and maintenance are three primary money savers behind the ban of automobiles. Gas prices are continually rising as automobile popularity increases amongst society. Implication of the automobile ban would cause the prices to drop significantly, due to the decrease in demand. Not to mention the expensive cost of up keeping a vehicle. On insurance alone, an individual in Texas—ranked the 11th... ... middle of paper ... ... challenged with adapting to life without automobiles, it is acceptable to believe we would have great trouble adjusting to this new lifestyle. For me, my greatest struggle would be getting from place to place with such a confined schedule. Over time, I have been able to strategically plan, how long it would take me to travel to work, home and school. Without my vehicle, I would now have to readapt and plan my schedule lighter and around bus schedules. Members of society more than likely would face a similar conflict. Even still, we live in a culture born to thrive no matter the circumstance. Even without automobiles, we will thrive making minor adjustments until we are again accustomed to life we view as “normal”. The social and economic effects behind the ban of automobiles will quickly form, a full functioning, healthier and more financially sound society.

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