The Invention And Evolution Of The Internet

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Introduction The invention and evolution of the internet as a fast means of communication that can be done across the globe in a matter of seconds, and the world wide web and its applications where companies can showcase their products and services on their own website or on social media has revolutionized how companies are handling business today (Laudon & Laudon, 2009). Yahoo! Yahoo!, Inc. is an international technological company that offers online technological services for instance a search engine that bring you rich results, online properties (Yahoo! Properties) and personal communication tools on the web and also over mobile devices to hundreds of millions of users across the globe (Reuters website, 2014). Yahoo! Reaches over 45 languages in 60 countries, territories and regions free of charge. It is a portal meant for the user to explore and access the World Wide Web. The marketing services are made to reach these people, those that use Yahoo! and through a network of affiliates. Yahoo! makes money through these network affiliates by advertising for them on their websites for instance graphical/display advertisements/links, text-based advertisements/and links to the affiliates’ websites, among other sources. Yahoo! Properties fall into three categories; Search and Market places, Media and, Communication and Communities (Forbes magazine, 2014). Search and Marketplaces. Yahoo! Local and Yahoo! Search are freely available to users, are usually the starting points for users to access, navigate the web, and discover content. These Yahoo! services are designed to answer Yahoo! users’ information needs on search results pages that bring rich search results organized and ranked on relevance to search query. Sponsored search re... ... middle of paper ... ...nces through a set of APIs. There are more than 20 applications ready for use by Yahoo! Mail users. Yahoo! has covered well in the internet services it offers to its users that I cannot seem to have anything they may add except that they may need to advertise more so that internet users can be aware that Yahoo! has all these services for its users. Most internet users are unaware of all these services offered by Yahoo! References Forbes magazine (2014). Yahoo! Inc. Web. Available from Laudon, K., & Laudon, J. (2009). Essentialsof management information systems (8th ed.). Upper Saddle River,NJ: Pearson Prentice Hall. ISBN: 9780136025818 Reuters website (2014). Yahoo! Inc. Web. Available from Yahoo! Inc website (2014). About. Web. Available from

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