The Interracial Killer: James Clayton Vaughn Jr.

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Nicknamed “the racist killer” James Clayton Vaughn Jr. killed more than fifteen people. He is a perfected example of what characterizes a mission type serial killer. He was a neo nazi and a member of the Ku Klux Klan and was motivated to kill interracial couples and Jewish people because of his hatred towards them and belief that they were inferior and destroying America. His desire to kill this demographic of people stemmed from his desire to incite a race war after reading Adolph Hitler’s Mein Kampf. He even attacked celebrity Larry Flint, publisher of Hustler magazine for allowing his magazine to depict interracial sex. He was found guilty for his crimes and was executed in 2013. (Blanco, 1999) The hedonistic serial killer is perhaps the…show more content…
Controlling another’s life and death gives the murderer psychological and sexual pleasure. However, they do not kill simply for sexual gratification such as the hedonist lust type; the sexual gratification is an after result of their primary motivation, to control another. This type of murderer will not kill their victim quickly, usually prolonging torture and often uses a personal weapon such as a knife or their own hands. This is done because in enables them to act out their desires to control and dominate another human making their victim subservient to their command all the way to death. (Holmes, R. M., Holmes, S. T., & Park, H. 2007). This type of killer will often rape their victim as well as it is another form of domination. In addition, in childhood they were either bullied or made to feel powerless through abuse, usually carried out by a family member. Furthermore, this type of killer is generally organized, meaning they will control the crime scene, take steps to hide their victim’s body, and rarely leave behind physical evidence such as a murder weapon. The exception to this is that sexual assault is often a component in their crimes and so biological evidence such as semen will usually be left behind. Control killers can be geographically stable, however most are geographically…show more content…
Teten, Patrick Mullany, Robert Ressler, John Douglas, and Roy Hazelwood. The first success to be experienced by the group that also brought a lot of credibility to the field of psychological profiling was in the case of the David Meierhofer murders. This offender abducted and murdered a seven year old girl and was thought to and later found to be guilty in the disappearance of a woman he knew. Using the information they had gathered from the two cases, they developed a profile that suggested the killer would be intimidated by women and need to contact the victim’s families in order to revisit his murders. Meierhofer matched a part of their profile of being a local, young, white male, and a societal loner. Sure enough Meierhofer contacted the family a year after the abduction. They proved it was him and got a search warrant for his home that uncovered pieces of his two victims. However, they were only able to prove it was him because they had asked the mother to confront him in order to confirm his voice and lure him into contacting them by phone anonymously again. (Hicks & Sales,

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