The Internship Reflection

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Storyline The Internship (2013) is about two middle-aged sale marketers who used to sell a small amount of products to local businesses that was until their company unexpectedly closed down leaving them jobless and in a mess trying to find a job that pays well without having a degree. The pair split in attempt to find themselves these sustainable jobs. However only one out of the two seems to find a somewhat decent job as a salesman at a mattress shop. This job is short lived when Billy comes up with the idea to become an intern at Google. Once they have the internship Billy and Nick have to face several challenges before they can even think about having the job that comes after if they succeed. However one challenge that is persistent throughout…show more content…
 Nick and Billy lead the team by suggesting prompts and providing effective communication throughout the transaction.  After the team goes to the night club, there is a sense of unity of direction as the rest of the team look towards Nick and Billy to help inspire and lead them.  Due to the close relationship the team develops, there is direct supervision that comes from it as the people in the team now knew each other on a personal level. Leadership A leadership style can be determined in the way a leader behaves while influencing, in this case, their teams. The following leadership styles are evident in the movie: • Autocratic Leadership o These people command their team mates in activities o They formulate all objectives without asking the opinions of their team mate. o In the case of the movie, this style is viewed in a negative light as Google often opposes these people. o An example of this leading style in the movie would be Graham as he commands his team mates to do things and refuses to listen to their opinions • Democratic

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