The Internet and the Advancement of Technology

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The Internet and the Advancement of Technology Since the art of making fire and creating handcrafted tools, our civilization has come a long way. Science and technology are making advances at an amazing rate. From telephones to the Internet, calculators to computers, cars to rockets and satellites, we are submerged in a sea of discoveries and inventions made possible by science. Computers have often been cited as the greatest boom offered by technology to humanity. Its entry revolutionized the whole world. Great pieces of data could be stored with comparative ease. Problems, which would have taken years to solve manually, took a couple of days for the computer to work out. This led to an amazing rate of progress achieved in a considerably short period. For instance without the computer models, it would have never been possible to stimulate extremely slow chemical reactions and predict their outcomes as if they were actually performed. Furthermore, science has paved way for the newest technology resource, the Internet. With Internet, people have access to a wealth of information. It not only serves the business community but also acts as a lifeline for many scientific researches and educational inquiries. Practically most of the important journal articles by the well-known scientists and authors are published on the Web. Information about the rarest of the items and happening around the world can be obtained right form the comfort of our computers. Not only that, the benefits of the Internet are not restricted to a selected few but also are widely dispersed. In countries like the U.S., people enjoy things like Online Banking, media reports and even entertainment. Many of our needed amenities are readily available off the web. We can make use of them with comparative ease and even save a considerable amount of time. By doing thus, Internet is helping us achieve maximum efficiency and results out of our scarce and limited resources. Internet research has become an extremely important tool for students and educators. Information is plentiful and is attained easily by the click of a button.
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