The Internet and Cyberbullying

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Visualize a world in which an individual may remain unidentified, communicate with nearly anyone, and have access to just about any bit of information acknowledged by man. Danger’s always present at any time that someone has the opportunity to conceal their identity. Being in contact with family or friends is just one click away, life stories can be shared at a moment’s notice. Information’s at everyone’s fingertips, which can simply be described as, a blessing and a curse. The Internet has paved the way for anonymous interactions, effortless communication, and storage for important information, which has dramatically transformed today’s society.
Hiding behind an anonymous mask for many internet users may be an empowering experience for them. "On-line or even off-line when people’s identity is hidden they become sort of different people. When our identity is not intact our idea of the consequences are sort of nonexistent" (Anonymity Breeds Bad Behavior on Web). They often tend to develop vulgar language and post vile, chauvinistic, and often threatening comments. Users like this become more daring in knowing that they can say whatever their heart desires and get off scot-free. By enabling users to remain anonymous and post online, cyber bullying has become more prevalent in our culture. Cyber bullying is when a person is harassed by one or multiple people online, while the attackers remain anonymous. Relative to cyber bullying, internet users who may have a fixation with an individual may resort to cyber stalking. Cyber stalking is the act of one who attempts to send their chosen victim into submission. They are able to efficiently attain their goals through their free ability to be anonymous, provided by the web. There are additi...

... middle of paper ... with internet access can apply easier without unnecessarily visiting for just an application. The information on the internet can be tremendously helpful, yet users must still be careful with what they believe.
The internet is arguably one of the greatest inventions in the history of the world. It helps people learn new things that they may never learn without it. It radically altered how humans communicate with one another; it allows people to share experiences with friends that don’t live in their region. Nonetheless, with every good thing, there must always be a bad side. The internet allows for users to hide behind fake identities and be dishonorable to others. Anonymity has entered today’s society and likely will never leave it. Regardless of what light the internet is viewed in, good or bad, it’s here to stay and continue to change the current culture.
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