The Internet and Cyber Bullying

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The prominence of the internet shifted the paradigm of how people interact with one another. Internet was the catalyst for the expansion of worldwide affairs. For instance, communications has evolved from postal messages to efficient video calling. However, along with the positive of worldwide communications, it has also brought about a new subculture of bullying. Cyber bullying is a new age of terrorism that any individual can become a bully, especially online bullies. This type of bullying is extremely common with little to none regulation. A researcher had shown that cyber bully can be uncontrollable due to the low level of regulation. Cyber bullying consist of numerous negative effects that can harm an individual’s social, mental, and physical well being. In addition, the negative effects caused by the cyber bully may lead to depression, and ultimately death from suicide. Online bully is an ongoing social problem that aims to abuse online users in our society. Furthermore, Cyber bullying has been ingrained in our society and has withstood the test of time, it is detrimental in our society now taking on the form of cyber bullying.
Bullying in General
In general, bully is a defined term use to identify a person who is harassing another person. The topic of a bully is often broken down into two subcategories such as traditional bullying and nontraditional bullying. Patchin and Hinduja (2010), presented the idea that face to face physical bullying near schools is considered to be a traditional style of bullying, whereas the usage of technology to harass another person is seen as a nontraditional style of bullying (Hinduja and Patchin 2010, 738). The harmful use of developed technolo...

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...esource of strain causes natural aggressive behaviors. Therefore, teenagers are actively using facebook, text messages, multiplayer games, and web chats as a resource in bullying other people.
After surveying 2,000 middle schoolers, an astounding 20% of students thought of suiciding, while 19% attempted suicide due to the harassment done online. In extreme cases, cyber bullying often lead to suicide. People as young as middle schoolers are already thinking of suiciding because of the danger of online harassment. Litwiller and Brausch (2013), suggested that “violent behavior, substance use, and unsafe sexual behavior were tested as mediators between two forms of bullying, cyber and physical, and suicidal thoughts (2013).” The role of violence contributes to the fact that children are used to being bullied which result in anxiety and suicidal behavior.
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