The Internet: The Use Of The Internet

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Everyone on the earth uses the internet. The internet is a world wide known thing that helps people communicate and research things and people who or what they want to know, Most people do abuse the fact that they have access to the internet and they take advantage of it. The internet is available to everyone 24/7. People of any age have the privilege to be able to have the use of internet. The internet has impacted people’s lives and how they perform in the real world. Most people today are not learning effectively because they spend too much time on the internet which is making them less intelligent. The internet is a worldwide thing that affects everyone. Because of the internet people can talk to anyone around the world. The internet…show more content…
That is why mostly everyone in the world spends their time being on their phones or other devices instead of communicating with each other. People spend pointless hours on electronics and because of this they cannot even hold a normal conversation with another person. By not being able to uphold a conversation it shows that the world is becoming lazier. They would rather stay inside and surf the web than get out of the house for the day. In our world today, inventors have made televisions to where people can watch cable and be able to surf the web at the same time on the screen. People today cannot even get through a page of reading a book. They rather just skim whatever they are reading instead of investing time to read a good quality book. Instead of using the internet for research use, people just get on for the joy of it. They spend endless hours on social media just lurking when they could be doing something more productive with their life. By spending hours on social media people meet strangers and they give out personal information which is not safe and is completely dumb. They do not know how to be safe when they spend their time on the internet which can cause much bigger problems down the road. When they want to know something, they just type it up on their phones and instantly have whatever they were looking for. They do not know or care if the information is correct or not. People…show more content…
Today’s children rarely go outside and play. They complain if they are forced to go out. Instead of making friends with neighborhood kids, they rather be friends with strangers on the internet. Children care more about how people on the internet thinks of them. Since they spend countless hours on the internet, they do not know what is going on in the real world. Children were recently asked history questions. None of them knew when the civil war was started, but if they were asked questions of which celebrity was dating who. They instantly knew those answers. It shows that children do not pay attention in school and that they pay to much attention to the online world. When children come home from school they get on the computer as soon as they can. They will quickly do their homework which causes them to fail. Since they spend countless hours on the internet, it interferes with their sleeping schedule. They will stay up until like three or four in the morning and sleep until noon or one in the afternoon. Children do not understand the concept of the internet and how it can ruin their lives. They will not understand how to do certain things in the future. The internet affects children being social. They can talk to someone online, but they can not even hold a conversation with the kid that sits by them in class. They do not know what normal kids do. They will throw a fit just
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