The Internet: The Intervention Of The Internet

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The internet. The world is becoming more linked with it every passing day. It’s what allows your smart phone to connect to twitter, and what allows you to skype someone on the other side of the planet. Most people have used it every day for good reason, it’s awesome. The internet is perhaps the greatest invention of the modern day. It has changed billions of people’s lives, and has changed our society to revolve around it. The funny thing is, like a lot of inventions, the brilliant people who developed the early forms of the what we call the internet today had no idea how their invention would change the world. It is a tool that defined a generation of humans. It’s hard in the modern day to find a person in the United States who isn’t on…show more content…
Starting off with simple messaging tools like email and AOL instant messenger, Social media like Facebook, twitter, Instagram, snapchat, and in the beginning Myspace have changed the way that we interact with people on a daily basis. People are becoming more and more connected to these connected with people they otherwise wouldn’t have had the chance to connect with if these mediums didn’t exist. Social media sites have made us so connected that it is often said that everyone on social media could connect through only 6 people. The internet has made this change in communication possible, and has increased the amount of people that we can connect to. It goes ever further however with things such as skype. There are so many opportunities to connect with people you would have never otherwise meet today, and it’s all because a tool such as the internet exist. Overall I believe these changes have made society be able to connect with more people that they would not be able to otherwise, and be able to connect with friends…show more content…
As we discussed in the identity chapter the internet can be a medium to express ones true self and not be judged. You can truly say anything you want to on the internet, and that sense of freedom is one of the reasons that people love it. The internet can be a way for communities of people who need to solve an issue to rally together. It connects us not only through socializing, but we are able to rally through it. Armstrong Williams talks about this very issue in “The digital age of freedom” and states “Following years of oppressive rule in Egypt, the nation 's youth found its collective voice and turned its anger and frustration toward the government into action. Social media was the galvanizing force there” (Williams). The internet is amazing at allowing people to share their ideas, and to organize things like the Arab spring that would just not have been possible decades before. Armstrong again states in “The digital age of freedom”, “Has this technological crowbar not only opened the minds of, say, the lowest of the Third World, but given them a rally point from which to begin a cause” (Armstrong). You can have true freedom on the internet that you just can’t experience anywhere else. That is why when people talk about things such as net neutrality and internet censorship are such big issues. The internet is a place of freedom, and the

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