The Internet And The Internet

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With the largest human population in the world, it comes as no surprise that China is also in the lead to have the largest online population as well. This paper will demonstrate the negative effects on youth brought about by the internet in the region. The internet has created a drug like epidemic: addiction. Hundreds of thousands of children, teens, and young adults spend majority of their time online. “In January 2008, 210 million people had access to the Internet in China, of which 31.8% were youth between 18 and 24 years Old” (Ni 327). The largest youth addiction is found in online gaming, a focal point in this paper.
This attraction to the internet is believed to be the fault of the government due to its extreme censorship and attempt at dominant control. Criticism of the government and political leaders is strictly prohibited causing the youth of China to use social networking sites and the anonymity of the internet to express their political opinions. Their dependence on the internet is contributed to this lack of freedom; online gaming provides an escape from real life. Internet addiction is such a large problem in China that the government has placed stronger regulations on the internet and internet cafes. The older generations in China, those who were unable to grow up with internet, find serious issues with the amount of power the internet contains. This older generation expresses concerns over how quickly this internet epidemic has spread over the Chinese youth and how powerfully the internet has consumed the newer generations. China’s strict regulation and control of the internet has created a huge problem for Chinese youth in internet addiction. The internet provides the perfect escape for the youth in China from th...

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... spend large amounts of their time online. The internet is also the perfect place for the youth of china to express their political viewpoints and learn information that is not yet censored by the government. Internet cafes are how most Chinese youth access the internet and since the fire at one café, the government has cracked down on who is allowed to use the cafes and what they are allowed to see on the internet inside the cafes. Internet addiction is a huge problem in China and the citizens are demanding solutions to the epidemic. The government is using the panic to tighten its control over its citizen’s lives. The youth of china are trying to escape government censorship and control through the internet while the government is constantly gaining more and more control over it. China’s strict control is a large contributor to internet addiction of Chinese youth.
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