The Internet And Its Effects On The Human Brain

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If the internet is full of so much information, it should come with a caution sign warning people that it may affect and rewire their brains. The internet/Google has been reprogramming the brain without the person actually knowing it. The internet is such a powerful tool that has been controlling people and changing the brain. It has changed the brain to do things differently like thinking and working differently. The internet is negatively affecting the human brain by changing the way people think, the way people read and creating memory problems. Unfortunately, the internet is no longer an option but a necessity in order to strive in today’s society and indeed should be used if it is required. However, it doesn’t mean that people should take the internet for granted and risk their brains health simply because it beholds any kind of information, truth or lie.
Google is the world’s most popular and used search engine. It is used by so many people every single day due to the fact that there are 3.5 billion search per day. However, little do people know that it has been affecting their brains. Google has been around since 1998 and the internet since 1989. Throughout the years, people have stopped depending on books, articles, and newspapers for information and started relying on the internet/Google for answers. Before, people use to think about how and where they would get the information they needed. It used to take hours and days of constant research from things like books. Unfortunately, Google and the internet have become so easy for people to use that it has become a natural instinct to automatically turn to Google when they are lost and confused. In fact, it is too easy to find what one is looking online that internet users d...

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...n what they should daily and is the reason why the brains have slowly been reprogrammed and affecting the way people are and the way they thinks.
It is true that the internet is necessary but is it good for brain? It has only been over two decades with the internet and human’s brains have been already affected. It is a controversial topic that many people can go on forever and disagree or agree, but if people can’t see that the internet is ruining the intelligence and creativity in our brain, it is going to begin to show in generation that will then affect the economy because of poor choices that were made with narrow limited brains. These problems that have only been revealed will worsen and new effects will appear. People should know how much is enough and when it is necessary, otherwise, nothing else can be done to keep the brain healthy and working properly.
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