The Internet And Electronic Business

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Introduction The emerging growth and use of technology makes our life easier. As the use of Internet is growing day by day, the electronic business is also growing. Electronic business is based on Internet. There is vast growth in the electronic business. Electronic business is defined as the business, which uses technology (internet) to improve the business. In this type of business the Internet manages everything. In the electronic Business both the internal and external resources are managed online. In the Electronic Business the trading of goods and services is through online that is by the use of Internet. Electronic Business uses Internet, Intranet or extranets to manage the business activities. Even the marketing of the products or business is done online which is called as either online marketing or website marketing. The communication is also done online through emails, and training for the staff is also online or electronic that is eLearning. The tools, which are included in the electronic Business, are mobile phones, personal digital assistants (PDAs), electronic data interchange, file transfer, facsimile, video conferencing, Internet, intranets and extranets. Electronic Business is not simply having a website for the business, it is all online based; every single thing is done online. All the transactions, training, sales, advertisements, trades is done online. Electronic business has made communications quick and easy, it strengthens the marketing capabilities and increased the hours of operation (24x7 online). Electronic business saves lots of time and money. It even saves the environment, which is lots of paper is saved which results in saving trees. Electronic Business is more secured when compared to the normal Bu... ... middle of paper ... ...s in the computer system from the hackers. Firewalls are the fundamental security component in any computer network and this may use a combination of firewall hardware and software. The flow of the data through the gateways from the Internet and the computer networks is controlled by the firewalls. And there should be some rules for the people to access different parts of the company system. There should be some user names and passwords for the people to access the information. Firewalls are mostly useful in the business network that send and receives number of emails, transfers data over the Internet or connects with outside computers. Few other security systems are the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), which was developed by Netscape to send private documents via the Internet. SSL uses a public key to encrypt the data, which is being transferred over the SSL connection.

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