The Internet Addiction Disorder

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An increasing problem streaming throughout the global society today is IAD or Internet Addiction Disorder. Our culture along with many others has been consumed with the ease and pleasure of shopping, gaming, and social networking through online portals to the point that it has become an overwhelming problem for some people. What Internet Addiction Disorder is exactly has been the topic of much debate and so has what makes internet addiction so addicting. IAD is a serious problem and is receiving attention from all over the world. Once we’ve learn to identify the problem how do we deal with it? As technology is becoming faster, better, and increasingly available, the need to study and understand matters corresponding to Internet Addiction Disorder is prevalent now more than ever.
Although many case studies have been performed on IAD, describing it to some degree has been difficult. While many psychological professionals agree that spending too much time on the internet is a problem, not all believe that overuse of this particular technology is cause for labeling it as a mental disorder. The term addiction many professional feel should only apply to physical substances ingested into the body. But the term ‘addiction’ has evolved to incorporate behavioral compulsions such as gambling, overeating, or exercise. Because IAD has not been recognized by the DSM-V (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) as a disorder, some in the psychological community feels that labeling it as such is premature. But according to The American Journal of Psychiatry “Internet addiction appears to be a common disorder that merits inclusion in DSM-V (Block 306).” Basically IAD is a compulsive-impulsive spectrum disorder associated with Inte...

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