The Internet.

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The Internet.

The Development of the Internet

The Internet had started as a research project that was funded by the

US Military. There were only three computers that were linked up to

this network at this time. After 1969 a total of four computers were

linked to this network, but nowadays there are billions. To link onto

the internet everybody had a dial up connection which was a connection

through your telephone line, when you wanted to go onto the internet a

analogue signal would have been sent to your telephone provider and

you would have been billed by them according to what your pay package

was. The disadvantage of this was that you couldn’t accept telephone

calls that were being made to your phone numbers but now the latest

technology allows telephone calls to be accepted regardless if you are

on the internet and now a new digital signal is being used instead of

the old analogue one. Before simple information was displayed on the

internet for example reviews and news and membership clubs were

common, but now anything can be found on the internet. The internet

also has a long way to go before it is 100% safe in the future;

internet developers are working on improving the search engines,

privacy and the security of the internet.


Spam is the name given to unwanted e-mails. This could be things

advertising new products, or get rich prize draws, credit schemes and

pornography. Spam can cost businesses as much as a couple of million

pounds to send out computers. Spam can be sent to home computers as

well as business computers. Businesses try to filter Spam by using

blockers but these attempts may fail, because Spam is sent out in its

millions this can clog up the internet network causing computers to

rum slow or even crash.


E-mail is short for electronic mail. E-mail is not only for fun

but plays a large part in effective communication between major

businesses. Almost everybody connected on the internet has an e-mail

account. Accounts are free and can be achieved by singing up with

companies such as yahoo, AOL and hotmail. Due to e-mail accounts being

free storage space is limited. If you wish to have more storage space

to keep more e-mails then the providers of your account offer you the

chance to purchase a bigger account at a small price which you

normally have to pay each month. Depending on ...

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... should only contain material that is relevant and

suitable for them.

Ø Any pages that are likely to offend people should have a warning on

them e.g. racist pages.

Ø Links should not connect people to inappropriate sites when they are

unaware of it.

Ø People should not send Spam

Ø Adverts on the internet should be true and not just joking about

Ø If it is a purchasing site any extra cost such as VAT should clearly

be shown

Ø The advertisers name should be shown clearly

Ø Information on web sites should not encourage illegal acts

Ø Private data can’t be shown without the person knowing about it.


Overall the internet is a fast way to obtain information from a lot of

different sources it is a good time killer if you are bored as it has

billions and billions of different websites to explore. The internet

is also a good way of advertising and selling and equally purchasing

items. Although there are many draw backs the internet has more

advantages than disadvantages. The fact that there are billions of

people connected to the internet opposed to four computers when it was

first set up means that it must be a good place to visit.
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