The Interlinked Nature of Media, Society, and Culture

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In today's society, the aspect of media has fueled itself to a point where the very concept of media has become ingrained within the fundamental nature of our culture. And has made it impossible for all three of these - Society, Media and Culture - to exist without one another. This essay will seek to provide justification for this statement. It will delve into the concepts of Media, Society and Culture, showing how these concepts give rise to each other and cohesively exist to fuel one another's continuity. To understand how Media, Society and Culture are interlinked, it must first be derived what these concepts mean. Media, and namely ‘Mass Media’, are all things derived from and associated with television, film, radio, magazines, newspapers, the internet, any other form of the conveyance of information to the populous, and the media is stylized by it’s relationship to it’s producers, institutions of production, audience, and intended output (Purvis, 2006). The media seeks to quantify, collect, convey and analyze it’s outputs and their effect on society as a whole so it can shape the paradigms it creates for it’s viewers (What is Mass Media, 2014). To this end, it can be said that media arises from a need to create outlooks from which the general public can agree upon and view the world through. Continuing, it should be seen that media operates as an agent to the audience it serves, and acts as a practical means of shuttling information. Culture is defined as the features of a population that derive from it’s symbolisms, foods, beliefs and social paradigms (Zimmermann, 2014). It should thusly be observed that culture is directly influenced by the media, as media both arises from a populations desire to express it’s culture... ... middle of paper ... Sadien, J. C. (2011). The Arab Spring 1 Year Later. Retrieved March 22, 2014, from The Censei Report: Soviet Propganda against USA. (2006, September 20). Retrieved March 23, 2014, from English Russia: What is Mass Media. (2014, January 22). Retrieved March 20, 2014, from Wise Geek: Zimmermann, K. A. (2014, Jan 2014). What is Culture - A Definition of Culture. Retrieved 03 21, 2014, from LiveScience: Marx, Karl and Frederick Engels. "The German Ideology." Ed. C. J. Arthur. New York: International Publishers, 1973

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