The Interlacing Of The Hunting And Bedroom Scenes In Lord Gawain

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D. The interlacing of the hunting and bedroom scenes follows a romance plot convention and is prominent feature of the poem. What is the point of this interlacing? What overall affects does it create for the reader?

The point of this interlacing of the hunting and bedroom scenes is so that it helps develop and enhance the plot. The interlacing within the two symbolizes the hunts happening outside the castle, and inside with Sir Gawain and the Lady of the castle.
One of the connections made that helps enhance the plot is the animals in which Lord Bertilak hunted. The Lord and his hunters went out on a noble hunt and on the first day Bertilak hunted the deer. The deer was viewed as shy and noble to the hunt just as Gawain was to the Lady of the castle. “Gawain should see for himself the size of the kill…Are you pleased with this pile? “Yes indeed, it’s the hugest haul I have seen, out of the season for several years.”(1375-1380) Bercilak hunted the deer and was contented to come back and show it off to Gawain. On the first day in the castle, Gawain was viewed as shy
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“Suddenly he breaks the barrier of beaters… savage and strong, a most massive swine, truly grim when he grunted. The group were aggrieved, for three were thrown down by the first of his thrusts.”(1438-1443) Although the boar was not as easy to hunt as the deer, and was more likely to turn on them they still captured him.” Once again, the lord was proud of their daily captures and came back to the castle to “show off the meat slabs and shares the story of the boars hulking hugeness, and the full horror of the fight to the finish as it fled through the forest.” (1626-1628) Second day in the castle, just as the boar turned on the lord and his hunters, Gawain becomes more onward to the lady “Good morning, madam…I’ll contentedly attend whatever task you set and in serving your desires I shall seek your
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