The Interconnected Nature of Media, Culture and Society

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This essay focuses on the key issues relating to the role and impact of the media in the everyday lives of people and on the structure of society and the nature of culture is emphasised. This essay focuses on how the media influences culture and society as well as it explores the issues relating to the media and how the media benefits individuals and the world. However this essay also criticizes the media as it has various negative effects on the world.

It’s almost impossible these days to have a conversation that doesn’t involve the world of social media. In the world of today, media has become as necessary as food and water as it plays a crucial role in strengthening society. Media Studies is a programme that pursues to comprehend how the world can be shaped by media industries and practitioners (Purvis, T. 2006). The role of the media is to give the public all the relevant information and incidences that are occurring around the world as well as it is the responsibility of the media to inform, educate and entertain the people of the world. In the media, the social, political, cultural and personal dimensions of life, intervene and are therefore central to the interpretation of how local and international societies function in the twenty-first century (Purvis, T. 2006).

The rise of the media and mass communication in the early twentieth century, focuses on the power of the media to impact individuals and society, which is by what became known as ‘mass society theory’, which implies that the mass media is any medium that is used to convey and transmit mass communication. The media is considered as the general condition of modernity that is undermining and weakening the traditional bonds, keeping society together and making ind...

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...ost entirely in South Africa and to make our international deliveries from here as well”, stated Murphey, the founder of Cape Town-based production company Kalahari Pictures. Therefore it is evident that the media is increasing vastly and is broadening throughout the world, as the majority of things that take place involve the media and technology.

In conclusion, it is evident that in the world we live in today, media, culture and society are inseperable and one cannot exist without the other. It is apparent that the mass media plays a vital role in developing and reflecting public opinion, connecting to the world, to individuals and replicating the self-image of society. This suggests that the media has a direct influence on society and culture and without the media, we would be oblivious and unaware of what is taking place within society and around the world.

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