The Integrated Health Professional Model Of Discrimination

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Discrimination is " the unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people, especially on the grounds of race, age, or sex." (Oxford English Dictionary). It is sometimes caused of the fear of the unknown. Discriminative behaviour occurs as a result of stereotypic beliefs and prejudicial attitudes. To stereotype someone is too "[hold] a fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person." (Oxford English Dictionary). Many people who discriminate do so because they believe in their stereotypic views and they don’t seek reasoning in the other person. The people that discriminate tend to disregard the fact that people are different even people of a particular group. In this situation the victims are being attacked…show more content…
The "A" in the ABC and D of Dignity Conserving Care stands for attitude, attitude are the thoughts and feeling you have towards something or someone and this can affect the way you behave. A health professionals attitude can be improved by using the Integrated Health Professional model. The Integrated Health Professional (IHP) model shows the core elements of an IHP in a diagrammatic representation. The IHP model is made up of three dimensions namely Reflective, Empathy and Knowledge (Olckers, 2007, pg.5). The reflective dimension is the one the health profession may use in order to have a positive attitude towards patients of different social, ethical and racial groups as they have to reflect on their intrapersonal thoughts about the situation and interpersonal actions. This will help health professionals to have "culturally sensitive attitudes." (Olckers, 2007, pg.6). The "B" in the ABC and D of Dignity Conserving Care stands for behaviour. The way in such a health professional behaves towards a patient can send a positive or negative message. A health professionals behaviour towards patients must of kindness and respect as it shows the patient that they are worth their time and that they have their attention (Chochinov, 2007, pg.14). Behaviour can be used in two of the three dimensions of the IHP model. In the reflective dimension a health professional reflects on their interpersonal actions…show more content…
I will use the ABC and D of Dignity Conserving Care and the IHP model ensure that my patients receive respect and fair treatment. I will not stigmatise any individual based on their any characteristics that they may have. Many individuals that have certain characteristics become easy targets and for me to avoid these discrediting stigmas (Alder, 2009, pg.70) I have looked through the IHP model to see what I can use in each dimension to help me uphold social justice. In the Knowledge dimension, I would have to ensure that I have full knowledge about the reason behind the discriminating and xenophobic attacks. As I cannot guarantee total safety for the victims I would show and tell the victims how to preform quick lifesaving methods that they can use in times of

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