The Instinct Theory Of Motivation

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Duran-Espinoza 1 People see motivation as a way to reach a goal or accomplish something that is important in part of their life. Motivation can 't be instantly observed. Instead, motivation can only be understood by indicating a person 's behavior. Researchers came up with theories to try to explain about the human motivation. Two of these theories are the Arousal Theory of Motivation and the Instinct Theory of Motivation. The arousal theory is how we are motivated to maintain an value. People who have a high ideal levels of arousal are dragged into high thrilled behaviors. For example,it can be extreme activity like skydiving or bungee jumping. While the other half that don’t have high levels of arousal but have less exciting and treacherous…show more content…
From the motivation to survive; all other motivations become visible. However, we act or behave with this kind of motivation, all our actions are viewed as instincts. Which means that all humans have the same motivations due to our parallel biological process. According to the instinct theory, people are motivated to behave in a certain way because they 're evolutionary is programmed to do so. For example, in the animal world there’s the seasonal migration. And these animals don 't learn to do this, instead it’s an inborn pattern of behavior. The differences between the Arousal theory of motivation and the Instinct theory of motivation is, the arousal theory is when its use for the thrill and the need for adrenaline to stay motivated and the Instinct theory is the genetic motivation, you were born to be motivated; born with motivation, (not actually born out of the womb with motivation). In my point of view of arousal is where you get excited for rides, challenges and nervous for things like taking tests but still have to face the challenge or adrenaline you are given in your system. For instinct, well I already motive myself everyday because of my genetics I was given from my father; he motivated himself to let go of drugs, go towards religion

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