The Innumerable Benefits to Home Schooling

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The Innumerable Benefits to Home Schooling

In his book The Right Choice – Home Schooling, Chris Klicka argues that “Sending our children to the public school … is tantamount to sending our children to be trained by the enemy” (Crank 25). Though his words may be considered harsh by some parents, many Americans agree with him and feel that public school is only endangering their children; home schooling is the modern day alternative that many mothers and fathers have chosen to turn to. Those who feel that the world of the public school is detrimental to their children’s growth and health are not alone; they share the beliefs of many parents who feel that home schooling has many benefits and advantages that public schools cannot offer to students today.

Among complaints about public schools is that they are anti-religion. Advocates for home schooling say that children cannot be brought up in a religious atmosphere at home and then be sent to school where it is challenged or ridiculed. This would be very difficult for a child, especially because it can be difficult for adults at times. Former President of Yale University, Timothy Dwight, even stated, “to commit our children to the care of irreligious persons is to commit lambs to the superintendency of wolves” (Crank).

There are two primary ways in which schools are classified as anti-religion. Schools may directly attack a religion by supplying its students with books of history and literature. In historical references, there is little about the positive effects of religion and in literature, it can be attacked very subtly, while other books convey its evil side. Schools are often also considered anti-religious is because they can completely ignore religion, which ...

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