The Innovating Iphone : A Game Changer

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Nicholas Duerson Jack Donato CIS 221
December 2, 2015 The Innovating iPhone: A Game Changer 1During the time of Motorola Razr and Nokia “track-phones", a new technology was being designed under the insightful direction of the one and only Steve Jobs. With the outstanding Apple presentations annually releasing technology updates to the masses, Steve Jobs promised to deliver something revolutionary: a massive upgrade to its already popular iPod. Not only would the iPod have touch controls, but the access to the internet and mobile communication would be made readily available. Thus, the birth of the iPhone had come to fruition. One of the most common accessories that people utilize today is the iPhone. Not only can we use real-time tracking for GPS to find our favorite restaurants but the fact we can communicate with other persons and interact with them on a whole new level shows how revolutionary the iPhone is. Unveiled at one of its parent company presentations, the iPhone was given to us early January of 2007. Steve Jobs wanted to revolutionize the mobile phone industry with internet access mainstreamed on your mobile phone, a touch-screen that was capable of the “pinch-pull” methods of ease, piggybacked concepts that came from the iPod predecessor, along with all of the other features you could find on the current mobile phone technology network. Steve Jobs had hit a homer with his product! Upon its initial release, the phone was priced at around $600 if you wanted the eight gig model and a modest $500 for the four gig option if you signed on board with it’s exclusive service partner/provider AT&T.(1) Even though the skeptics said that the price was way too absurd to jump on board with, its initial hype was excessive. Consume... ... middle of paper ... ...ed, and now people from all classes of life own an iPhone. It is my opinion that Apple initially intended for the iPhone to be more of a business tool for the white collar worker. As time and technology progressed and the iPhone became so popular, Apple was able to manufacture the phone at a cost that blue collar workers could afford, thus changing their marketing plan. Therefore, it is my conclusion that Apple started with one marketing plan, and as the opportunity presented itself, changed direction and broadened their target customer base to include a much larger population. Works Cited (1) “Apple Press Info." Apple IPod and IPhone History. Apple, n.d. Web. 29 Nov. 2015. (2) “iPhone History." /. N.p., n.d. Web. 30 Nov. 2015. (3) “Login to Library Databases." What 's In Your IPhone. Access Science, n.d. Web. 01 Dec. 2015.
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