The Influences in My Life

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My interest in the elderly dates back to my formative years. Living in a household of 3 generations greatly influenced my values and personality. My parents impacted my life but my grandparent played a large roles given that she (my grandmother) lived under our roof as well. They all taught me to be self-motivated and disciplined. Their resilience and support has helped me to persevere even when confronted with seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Because of their kindness toward me I have a deep respect for them and for elderly people in general. This feeling was further strengthened when I worked at an assisted living facility and volunteered at our local hospice. The sum of these experiences is what motivates me to become involved in the field of social work and more specifically geriatric studies. During adolescence I made decisions that were questionable, affected me deeply and caused me to endure some setback on a personal and academic level. I paid my dues, persevered, and came through it all in surprising ways. I learned the value of hard work despite the adverse odds and u...
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