The Influence of Video Games: Not all are Bad

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In this modern day and age, we have many different methods that can influence people to do actions they normally would not do. The most common influence is the modern video game. Video games now a days are all about violence, mature content, and suggestive themes. On the other hand, there are positive influences that can come of playing video games. Not all video games can influence someone in a bad way. There are many different types of video games out in this world. There are: action, adventure, strategy, trivia, arcade, role playing, online, and so on. Each game has its own individual effects on each different person. Certain video games have certain effects to its players or audience and it is unfair to judge a video game as very influential. Strategic video games can help develop a persons sense of planning. Since you need a strategy to play this type of video game, the person can easily apply these types of skill set or thinking process to real world applications and or scenarios whenever facing a problem. When a person plays a first person shooter or multiplayer game the...
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