The Influence of The English Renaissance

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What is the English Renaissance? It was known as the period of rebirth and was the period in European civilization that immediately followed the middle ages. Its popularity grew by a surge of interest in classical learning and values. It was primarily a time of revival after a long period of social decline and stagnation. The renaissance was a cultural and artistic movement dating from the early 16th to the early 17th centuries. It is associated with the pan-European renaissance that many cultural historians believe originated in Tuscany. The English Renaissance started with King Henry I, but did not reach its full potential until the reign of Queen Elizabeth I. It was during her reign that the renaissance reached the height of its popularity so much so it became known as the Elizabethan age. “The English renaissance was first launched by King Henry around the early 15th century” (the Renaissance back 2). King Henry was fascinated by the cultural and artistic views of the original Italian Renaissance. Henry's interest in arts was widely recognized, and knowledge of the Classics was regarded as “an avenue to royal favor” (the English Renaissance 2). Though the English renaissance had many influences and people who made it possible the Italian Renaissance is arguably the biggest.

The Italian Renaissance was the start of the Renaissance, a period of great cultural change. Italy in this time was very wealthy yet very unstable due to strikes and revolts by Italian textile workers. It was during this period of instability that the first Renaissance figures, such as “Dante and Petrarch lived” (Italian renaissance 3), and the first works of Renaissance art were not seen until the opening half of the 14th century. The 14th cent...

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...two different cultures to become one of the most memorable and talked about events in European history. The Italian Renaissance taught many lessons to the English lessons that were used to strengthen and nurture a new stronger more diverse English culture.

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