The Influence of Rock and Roll

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Have you ever wondered how rock and roll impacted the American society? Rock and roll originated in Africa by the way they used only vocals. Rock and roll used to be called the Tin Pan Alley because they said that it sounded like they were banging on pans. During the big band era, the singers began to rise to fame because they were going solo with their singing. Then, when the electric guitar emerged, rock and roll became more popular and well known. When the radio and the TV had become accessible to every household, rock started to emerge more because kids and teens could watch their favorite band perform on the most well-known show called American Bandstand. The parents didn't like the new style, called rock emerging because they thought it showed crude behavior and had a bad influence on their kids. Rock and roll had a positive impact on American society by changing the way of teenage lifestyle.
People say that rock and roll had a negative influence, but they are wrong. Rock and roll had a positive influence on the teens of America. It had a positive influence because it showed the teens how not to act and how not to treat people. It also taught them to respect their parents and not act like the rockers do on TV and in live concerts. Parents did not show much kindness toward rock because of the singers and bands and how they acted and did drug, however parents still let their kids listen to rock and roll but they controlled how they acted. Police didn't show much kindness towards rockers because they were ‘poisoning the minds of teens, but as the police and parents started to show hate towards rock, the kids started to rebel more and act like their idols more which taught the parents and the police that if they don't let kids ...

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...pact on the teenagers that listened to rock and roll when rock was very popular. It made a positive influence, because rock showed the teenage society how not to act, and not to behave. Once rock had lost their innocence, teens started to follow their favorite rock band, and as the teens acted like that they would get into trouble and learn that it was a bad idea to follow rocks bad influence. So the teens would learn a valuable lesson. So as you can see rock has had a positive influence on the teenage society of America.

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